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A diet for hemorrhoids in men helps to fight the manifestation of this unpleasant disease. Therefore, during the period of treatment and for the prevention of the disease, doctors strongly recommend that certain dietary rules be observed. The article discusses the basic rules of the diet for hemorrhoids, which will help maintain good health, improve bowel function, eliminate pathological symptoms and prevent relapses.

Hemorrhoids: what is this disease and what are its causes

Hemorrhoids is a proctological disease in which varicose veins occur in the rectum. If the disease is not treated in the early stages. Over time, hemorrhoids increase in size. This creates severe discomfort for the patient. At advanced stages, the nodes bleed, become inflamed, which is why the act of defecation is accompanied by pain, and mucus and blood are present in the feces.

The causes of hemorrhoids in men are varied, but the most common are:

  • chronic diseases of the stomach, intestines;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • abuse of bad habits;
  • obesity;
  • infections;
  • malnutrition, with a predominance of fatty, spicy, salty foods in the diet;
  • age changes.

Important! The symptoms of hemorrhoids are eloquent. The patient is concerned about itching, burning, pain in the anus or directly in the rectum. During a bowel movement, a man experiences severe discomfort. In the feces, streaks of blood and mucus are noticeable. If the hemorrhoid is large, the feeling of a foreign tera inside the rectum is disturbing.

Diet for hemorrhoids in men: the main rules

Proper nutrition with such a diagnosis is a fundamentally important factor, because any deviations from the normal stool become the causes of an exacerbation of the disease and a deterioration in general well-being. Therefore, nutrition for hemorrhoids should be regular, balanced, aimed at normalizing bowel function.

You need to eat regularly - 5 - 6 times a day, while controlling portion sizes. In order for food to be properly digested in the stomach, it is necessary to carefully chew each piece, not to rush and not be distracted by external stimuli. Do not forget about the drinking regime. For the normal functioning of the stomach and intestines, it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of ordinary drinking water during the day.

The general principles of therapeutic nutrition for hemorrhoids in men include:

  • Lots of liquid. If the patient drinks little water, the fecal masses in the large intestine become dense, due to which the pressure on the walls of the organ and veins increases. With hemorrhoids, it is important to monitor the consistency of feces. Therefore, during the period of treatment and during prevention, it is necessary to drink 1.5 - 2 liters of liquid during the day.
  • Fractional nutrition. During the period of exacerbation, the number of meals should be divided into 5-6 sets, the average serving weight is 250 grams. With hemorrhoids, it is forbidden to overeat, have a tight dinner, snack at night. Here it is recommended to follow the rule - the less, the better.
  • Dairy products. Kefir, natural yogurt, fermented baked milk are useful, necessary products that help improve bowel function, normalize the balance of microflora. Daily consumption of fermented milk drinks helps soften the stool and prevent exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
  • Meals prepared in gentle ways. The diet for hemorrhoids in men involves the use of gentle cooking methods. Fish, meat, meatballs, meatballs are forbidden to fry in oil. It is better to cook these dishes by steaming or in the oven. In such ways, it is possible to preserve a maximum of useful substances in the products, and the intestines will thank you for not loading it once again.

What foods can be consumed?

In order for the intestines to work smoothly and the stool to be of normal consistency, which is extremely important for hemorrhoids, it is necessary to include the following foods in the diet:

  • fresh fruits, vegetables, greens - a source of vegetable fiber;
  • cereals, rye bread, bran;
  • easily digestible proteins - rabbit meat, turkey, chicken, lean fish;
  • vegetable oils - sunflower, olive, linseed;
  • dried fruits - prunes, figs, raisins, dried apricots;
  • cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream;
  • vegetarian soups, vegetable stews, fresh salads.

What foods are prohibited for hemorrhoids?

With such a disease, it is necessary to minimize, and it is better to completely exclude from the menu products that slow down intestinal motility.

With inflammation of hemorrhoids, the following products are prohibited:

  • pasta;
  • White rice;
  • legumes;
  • white bread, rich pastries;
  • fatty meat - pork, duck, goose;
  • mushrooms;
  • sausage, sausages, smoked meats;
  • meat and fish canned food;
  • spicy, salty, pickled dishes;
  • fried foods;
  • fatty sauces, dressings;
  • whole milk;
  • black coffee, strong brewed tea;
  • sweets, milk chocolate;
  • alcohol;
  • rich meat broths;
  • scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs;
  • fast food, chips, crackers;
  • sandwiches.

Indicative menu for the day with exacerbation of hemorrhoids in men

A doctor who treats the disease should draw up a nutrition plan and choose products. To navigate the composition of the menu and the number of meals, it is proposed to consider an approximate menu for one day:


Allowed dishes, products

After waking up

250 ml still mineral water

5 - 6 pieces of steamed prunes.

First breakfast

Oatmeal porridge boiled in water with butter

Vegetable salad seasoned with vegetable oil

Herbal tea with honey or weak coffee with milk

Raw apple , pear, banana

Biscuits - 5 - 6 pieces


Black bread and butter sandwich

A fresh vegetable salad

Rosehip broth or a glass of kefir


Vegetarian soup

A couple of pieces of boiled lean meat

bran bread

Buckwheat porridge with butter

Steam chicken cutlets

Dried fruits compote


Crackers or drying - 4 - 5 pieces

Curd - 200 g

A glass of natural yogurt or kefir

Raw apple, pear, banana


Fish baked in the oven with allowed vegetables

Vegetable salad with herbs, seasoned with a spoonful of vegetable oil

bran bread

Herbal tea or dried fruit compote

Before bedtime

A glass of natural yogurt or kefir

Apple, pear or banana

Such a menu contains a sufficient amount of nutrients, fiber, vitamins, micro and macro elements, which favorably affects not only the functioning of the intestines, but also the state of the whole organism.

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