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Hemorrhoids is an unpleasant disease in which a woman experiences constant anxiety and discomfort. Despite the prevalence of the disease, its treatment can take a long time and not bring results. Neither various medicines, nor even operations sometimes have the proper effect. But few people thought that more than half of success depends primarily on nutrition. That is why a diet for hemorrhoids for women is necessary to maintain the normal state of the body.

Types of hemorrhoids and features

What is hemorrhoids, perhaps, every second inhabitant of our country over the age of 25-30 knows, and every fourth woman has experienced the disease personally. Its essence lies in the expansion of the veins in the rectum due to the thinning of the walls.

The danger of hemorrhoids lies in the likelihood of the formation of blood clots in the extensions, which, having come off, clog the heart valves. In addition, the patient constantly experiences discomfort - the expanded nodes deliver an unpleasant feeling of an "extra" object in the rectum. Unexpected fallout and inflammation may occur. There is a high probability of cracks and blood poisoning as a result of injury. In addition, hemorrhoids are accompanied by an unpleasant feature - periodic exacerbations, in which bleeding occurs.

Important! Hemorrhoids can be external and internal. The appearance depends on the location of the inflamed nodes. External is more dangerous with sepsis.

About a quarter of the country's population faces the diagnosis. Both men and women suffer from it, but the latter to a greater extent.

There are many causes of hemorrhoids:

  • genetic predisposition - ancestors had hemorrhoids, varicose veins or a violation of the state of cerebral vessels at a young age;
  • bad habits - regardless of age, they affect the general condition of the vascular system and the occurrence of hemorrhoids, including;
  • lack of activity, including specific types of professions, as well as the lack of a proper diet to maintain a stable weight after the age of 25;
  • large and periodic physical activity - lifting weights at work or in the gym;
  • disturbances in the work of the stomach , an unbalanced menu that led to periodic constipation;
  • general disorders of the body that led to weight gain, obesity;
  • pregnancy is another factor that increases the risk of hemorrhoids among women;
  • specific diseases - tumors of the rectum, neoplasms that affect the state of the veins of the whole organism.

Important! During childbirth, women often experience an exacerbation of hemorrhoids due to great tension, so it is believed that a caesarean section saves from unpleasant consequences. In fact, the first sign that the disease will come is constipation during childbirth.

As can be seen from the root causes, the vast majority of Russian residents are at risk. Therefore, prevention of hemorrhoids is necessary, which begins for both men and women as early as adolescence.

Why is a diet necessary?

Compliance with a specific menu and constant nutritional rules is necessary to adapt the body and eliminate disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract. In the case of diseases, this is also an effective method to exclude relapses and exacerbations in women and men. With hemorrhoids, the diet in general is the basis for a normal existence, because, as you know, the defecation process depends on nutrition, its quality, quantity and content.

In this case, the menu is designed to provide a number of functions:

  1. Normalization of the frequency and quality of stool is a primary task, the solution of which depends on the patient's well-being and the frequency of bleeding. With diarrhea, there is a danger of blood poisoning and the spread of cracks to a large surface of the intestine. This makes it difficult to treat hemorrhoids, and also creates additional pain that sometimes interferes with normal life. With constipation, the condition is no less dangerous. As a result of stagnation of feces, there is excessive pressure on the walls of blood vessels, expansion of the intestine. In addition, during a bowel movement, a large amount of blood accumulates in the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract due to impaired circulation.
  2. Reducing the number of extra pounds to reduce the load on the vascular system. The diet is balanced and does not contain unwanted foods that can increase weight. The menu is designed for any age, and women who follow it will be able to feel not only relief from hemorrhoids, but also lightness throughout the body.
  3. Reduced pressure on the intestines and the rectum itself. As a result of a more regular bowel movement, as well as softening (in case of constipation) or normalization (in case of diarrhea) stools, blood circulation in the entire circulatory system improves, which relieves pressure from the vessels of the lower body. Weight loss , in particular in the abdomen, leads to the same result.
  4. Improving the general condition of the body, increasing immunity. Thanks to a more complete menu, the diet provides not only a decrease in the frequency of painful manifestations of hemorrhoids, but also supplies the body with useful substances. In the case of obesity, the diet menu can improve the condition of the skin due to the removal of toxins. Also, a woman acquires a healthier appearance and a feeling of lightness.

Diet principles and menu features for hemorrhoids

For both women and men, the diet is advisory. There is a list of allowed and prohibited menu items, which we will talk about later. But the diet for hemorrhoids in the first place is a change in the principles of nutrition.

  • Firstly, the frequency of meals is twice as often, and the volumes, respectively, are half as much. That is, it is optimal to choose a six-time menu. In this case, the diet will not have a significant burden on digestion.
  • Secondly, both women and men should refrain from a late dinner, choosing its time 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to ensure normal water consumption. The liquid will improve the density of the blood, and also allow you to sufficiently moisturize the stool.

Prohibited menu items

The diet for hemorrhoids for women, regardless of age, implies the absence of seasonings that provoke the accumulation of blood in the lower abdomen.
It is undesirable to use fatty meats, cottage cheese with a high percentage of fat, eggs. The diet for women also implies the absence of bakery products, pasta and desserts. For younger patients, it is necessary to clarify the need to refuse fast food and semi-finished products, which are also prohibited for hemorrhoids. With a diet for women and men of any age, viscous dishes are prohibited - pureed soups, jelly. What can you do with a diet? For hemorrhoids, it is recommended to use:

  • thermally unprocessed fruits and vegetables;
  • lean meat and fish;
  • cereals;
  • vegetable oils;
  • dairy products;
  • weak teas.

It should be understood that hemorrhoids are not a fatal diagnosis. With him you can live normally and enjoy every day. However, following a diet will alleviate or even completely eliminate pain.

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