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Elderly women tend to be overweight and gain weight, which will inevitably have a negative impact on the general condition of the body. Most often, chronic diseases such as hypertension, cholecystitis, gout and osteoporosis are aggravated from extra pounds. Therefore, the diet of a woman after 60 should take into account the specifics of the body's work in these years to ensure a stable state and well-being.

Why diet?

It seems to many that dieting is a whim that suits the younger generation, and it makes no sense for women over 60 to limit or cut food for the sake of a figure. However, in this case, non-physiological parameters in the form of a thin waist or a taut look play a more important role. More useful in the diet of women of advanced age - the state of health. Studies by numerous scientists have led to the conclusion that a reduction in physiological mass after 60 years of at least 10% can lead to the rejection of certain drugs. This does not mean a complete cure, but it guarantees a decrease in unpleasant or painful sensations when performing the same actions. This is important, for example, in osteoporosis.

Important! Pain becomes habitual over time, so when choosing a diet and weight loss , when the effect is achieved, many women wonder why they didn’t do it earlier.

In addition, any diet implies a certain restriction in the consumption of certain food groups to achieve the effect. Namely, this step will allow us to reconsider the composition of the food that a woman consumes every day, and get rid of the most harmful components of the diet. By cleaning the food in this way, you can feel lightness with the diet, reduce or completely eliminate flatulence, pain in the abdomen, reduce swelling and solve a number of other problems.

The basic rules of a diet that suits everyone

There are rules that are recommended to be taken into account when compiling a menu for every day if a woman has reached 60 years of age.

The main principles are as follows:

  1. Moderate food intake through diet. Despite the seeming ease of the recommendation, in practice it is quite difficult to implement. To make the task easier, plan at least five meals each day, each of which will be smaller than usual in volume.  
  2. Monitor fluid balance. The feeling of thirst, as research indicates, dulls with age, and by the age of 60, in the absence of the habit of drinking the required volume, it can be difficult. This affects the circulatory system and all life processes, increases the feeling of hunger, making the diet unbearable. To reach the cherished one and a half liters, leave filled glasses of water in the places where you often visit - near the bed, armchair, on the windowsill near the flower pot that you water every day.
  3. Focus on the water. Despite the usefulness of any liquid - tea, lemonade or juice - stop the choice on plain water. This will reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet , improve digestion and increase the effectiveness of the diet.
  4. Exclude alcohol. The exclusion of harmful components of the diet in the diet is a mandatory requirement for maintaining good health for several years to come. Alcohol is one of those. In addition, any alcohol contains fast carbohydrates, which reduce the effectiveness of any diet.  

In addition, with specific diseases of women, additional dietary restrictions must be observed. For example, osteoporosis imposes an almost complete ban on the consumption of animal meat, as it contains specific elements that can increase pain in the bones and joints. A diet for cholecystitis involves limiting not only fried foods, but also heavily salted, peppered and pickled. A woman with lung disease must follow a diet that excludes bread and sweets.  

Specific restrictions for women with osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the most common disease that affects most women over the age of 60. It is characterized by the process of washing out calcium from the body, which affects the fragility of the skeleton, and makes itself felt by constant pain. Women, due to the need to do household chores, run the risk of breaking their limbs or other bones every day, which should not be allowed at such a mature age. Therefore, a diet for osteoporosis involves smoothing symptoms and strengthening body tissues.  

Important! No woman is immune from the manifestation of osteoporosis, but the right choice of menu will ensure good health, despite the presence of the disease.

  • First , eat more dairy products in your osteoporosis diet. Choose lean types. This will increase the average level of calcium.
  • Second , reduce your intake of animal fats. They should be replaced with vegetable ones due to the lack of omega-3 acids, which contribute to the absorption of many useful trace elements. In addition, fish and seafood contain proteins that are better absorbed by the body of women after 60 years. This contributes to the effectiveness of the diet.
  • Thirdly , supplement the diet with vegetable fats from nuts, and also make it a habit to eat some greens every day. This will allow the body to absorb calcium of plant origin. It is more useful for a person, especially after 60 years.

Finally, a woman with osteoporosis should switch to steamed or boiled food. This will eliminate excess fats that are harmful to the body. In addition, frying oil increases calories and the diet becomes less effective.

Also, do not forget that excess weight puts additional pressure on the skeleton, which is very dangerous for osteoporosis. In addition, an overweight woman experiences great pain from the things that she does every day - walking, cleaning, and even banal washing dishes.

General recommendations

In addition to food restrictions, you should also reconsider the daily routine.

  1. Lead an active lifestyle. Go for walks every day. Breathe in fresh air.
  2. Find a hobby you love. A woman at any age should have a spark of interest in her eyes. The diet will undoubtedly give more self-confidence, which will allow you to go dancing or go to the Akhmatova poetry club.  

And the most important recommendation is to always stay in a good mood, starting every day with a smile.

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