Protein diet for women

Protein diet for women

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A protein diet for women is an example of the safest way to lose weight. Plus, it's fast and helpful. But, of course, any diet provides for a lot of nuances.

Protein diet for women: advantages and disadvantages

First of all, it is worth understanding how a protein diet is useful for a woman's body:

  • It is difficult to overestimate the consequences of the accumulation of proteins in the body. They help in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Saturating the body with proteins is an effective method to strengthen the immune system, remove toxins, and improve hormonal levels.
  • With the help of a protein diet, a woman can get a fairly quick weight loss. In just 7 days, a figure will be painted on the scales, approximately 3-5 units less than the previous one. For half a month there is every chance to say goodbye to 10 kg of annoying weight.
  • Such weight loss will not be accompanied by a feeling of hunger that is dangerous for the whole undertaking. The set of products is chosen so well that a woman will, on the contrary, feel a surge of energy. Such saturation will accompany throughout the day.
  • The menu doesn't get boring. Even if the protein diet lasts two weeks, her diet is so varied that losing weight will be a pleasure.
  • If, immediately after losing weight, you do not start to include all sorts of products harmful to the figure in the menu for joy, the positive effects of the protein diet will last for a long time.

The disadvantages of this method of losing weight include the following:

  • The protein diet is not completely balanced. Carbohydrates, fats the body does not receive. If you make this style of eating a little longer than two weeks, the consequences will be quite harmful. Your nails will break more often, your skin will become dull and dry, and your hair will also start to look worse.
  • A protein diet that stretches over an extremely long period is not only harmful, but also dangerous. The appearance of kidney stones, swelling of the kidneys is not the most pleasant consequence of losing weight.
  • Unfortunately, you will have to completely exclude fatty, sweet, floury foods loved by many from the menu. These products are harmful for the figure, but the psychological dependence of women on them can be very strong.

Basic rules of the protein diet for women

Having decided on a protein diet, a woman must learn the right approach to following it:

  • At the end of a week or two weeks, a woman, in order to avoid the negative consequences described above, must definitely take a break. Approximately 4-6 months. Although many one-time protein diet is enough.
  • It is recommended to purchase a special complex of vitamins and microelements in a regular pharmacy. It must be included in the menu.
  • Counting calories - this protein diet does not provide. On the contrary, 1200 calories in the daily menu is the minimum. It is believed that the smaller one is dangerous for the health of a woman.
  • Plenty of water is a must! At least two liters per day should be drunk. It is recommended to pay attention to mineral water, because it perfectly restores the mineral balance.
  • Harmful effects on the body helps to reduce fiber. It perfectly relieves the load on the kidneys that is dangerous with an unreasonable approach. This requires fruits and vegetables. But, of course, those that are provided in the protein diet food set.
  • The desired method of cooking is baking, boiling in a slow cooker or steaming. You can also fry, but wisely. In order for the fried treat not to bring harmful consequences, you can process food in a dry frying pan with a non-stick coating.
  • If you want to fill the dish with sauce, then let it be not harmful. Let it be balsamic, apple, wine vinegar, soy sauce. You can also season the food with lemon juice, herbs.
  • It is recommended to take the first meal half an hour after waking up. In order for dinner to be not harmful to the stomach and weight, it must be taken at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • If you really want a product that is harmful and even dangerous to the body, you need to replace it with healthy food. For example, chips that are familiar to everyone should be replaced with flaxseed ones. They crunch as usual, but they are made by drying, without frying.

Dangerous foods with a protein diet

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of products that definitely cannot be included in the menu both during weight loss and after it.:

  • Canned food - any. Be it canned meat or vegetables.
  • Semi-finished products - again, whatever. Such a product is more harmful than useful. Despite saving time in the kitchen.
  • Flour products of any kind.
  • Sweets in the form of chocolate, sweets, marshmallows.
  • Dairy products containing a high percentage of fat.
  • Fruit – This can be a bad menu item if you eat any kind of fruit. Only citrus fruits, apples will do.
  • Vegetables are not good either. You should avoid those containing a lot of sugar - beets, carrots. Those containing starch are also not suitable - that is, potatoes, beans, corn, peas, beans.
  • Carbonated drinks. It is basically a health hazard. Even if it's labeled light.
  • Fruit juices, compotes are also undesirable. Even though they may seem useful.
  • It is absolutely impossible to fill dishes with mayonnaise and various fatty sauces.

Weekly protein diet menu

Protein diet for a week is preferable. If a woman does not plan to get rid of a large number of kilograms, the scheme below is quite enough:

  • For the very first breakfast, you can eat brown rice with chicken meat freed from the skin. Needed in the morning and vegetables. But the consequences of the diet will be unpredictable if any vegetables are in the food set. Tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, celery are suitable. You can have a snack with a sweet apple. At lunchtime, it is preferable to enjoy vegetable broth with a slice of whole grain bread. An afternoon snack is 100 g of natural-based yogurt, and dinner is a vegetable salad, 200 g of fresh fish.
  • The second day starts again with chicken, however this time accompanied by toast. A protein diet is always accompanied only by whole grain bread. During a snack, a woman can treat herself to two cheesecakes. Lunch is a turkey with stewed cabbage, an afternoon snack is a little milk. Dinner will be 200 g of boiled lamb.
  • Wednesday breakfast - 150 g of zero-fat cottage cheese, which is desirable to drink coffee. Coffee, by the way, must be selected natural. You can have an orange snack. Lunch - soup, flavored with meatballs, and cucumber and cabbage salad. The afternoon snack is marked with 200 g of fresh apples. Dinner - baked sea fish.
  • Thursday begins with milk buckwheat porridge. Snack consists of 100 g tomatoes, finely chopped. You can even season them with a little salt. Lunch will please a stew of beef, tomatoes, cabbage, onions. In the afternoon, a snack of 2 boiled eggs awaits. Dinner consists of kefir.
  • Friday day begins with 200 g of boiled chicken with mustard sauce and onion, cabbage, cucumber salad. A green apple salad with an orange will serve as a snack. Lunch will delight you with veal baked in a pot and salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. An afternoon snack will decorate a delicate curd soufflé. You can dine with vegetable broth.
  • Saturday breakfast - scrambled eggs, buckwheat porridge, tomato. You can have a snack with a glass of apple juice. Nutritionists highly recommend choosing fresh juice, since the consequences of drinking store-bought juice are not very positive for the diet. Lunch consists of a veal steak, a vinaigrette of about 250 g. You can have a couple of cheesecakes and half an orange for an afternoon snack. For dinner, fish baked in herbs is ideal.
  • The last Sunday of the diet begins with a baked salmon steak, cucumber, lettuce. Snack - orange. Lunch - soup on meat broth with asparagus. Snack - baked cheesecakes in the amount of 4 pcs. Round off the day with a protein salad.

Protein diet menu for two weeks

If a woman needs to say goodbye to a lot of kilograms, you should pay attention to the following two-week diet:

  • So, the first day of the first week begins with a beef breakfast with 200 g of beans, previously stewed. A snack is allowed with tea and two oatmeal cookies. Losing weight can have lunch with fish soup, as well as cucumber-tomato-onion salad. It is preferable to choose red onions. An afternoon snack will be decorated with 100 g of Greek yogurt. Dinner - cottage cheese casserole.
  • Tuesday should start with boiled chicken liver, Peking cabbage salad, buckwheat porridge. After a snack with an apple, you can start dinner - about 200 g of boiled beef and sauerkraut. It is allowed to have an afternoon snack with a boiled egg washed down with coffee with milk. Dinner is waiting for a chicken in a baked form on a pillow of onions.
  • Wednesday breakfast - toast with a couple of boiled eggs, tea or coffee flavored with milk. Snack is allowed apple-orange salad. Lunch - chicken soup with onions and celery in the composition. Next comes a snack in the form of 2 cheesecakes and 100 g of low-fat kefir. It is allowed to have dinner with a steamed salmon steak with a cucumber.
  • Breakfast on the first Thursday is a salad of eggs, cabbage, chicken, brown rice. After a snack with a baked apple, you can have lunch - vegetable broth with whole grain toast. Snack - 2 oatmeal cookies, milk. Dinner - baked chicken breast and lettuce leaves.
  • Friday will start with 4 baked cheesecakes and a glass of tea. It is permissible to have a snack with a glass of orange juice. You need to dine with turkey and broccoli soup, an egg. An afternoon snack consists of 100 g of yogurt, which is certainly free from impurities. For dinner, losing weight is allowed to eat fish meatballs with tomato.
  • Saturday breakfast - buckwheat porridge flavored with meat sauce. Snack is an apple. Lunch - cottage cheese casserole, about 150 g of boiled beef, vegetable salad. Snack - vinaigrette, about 200 g. Dinner is allowed with fish meatballs with cucumber.
  • On Sunday, you need such a breakfast - about 150 g of beef and stewed beans. A snack is carried out with a couple of oatmeal cookies and a glass of fresh apples and oranges. Lunch is vegetable broth, egg and cucumber salad. Afternoon snack - cheese. It is worth choosing unsweetened cheeses. Dinner - a baked apple and a couple of cheesecakes.
  • The beginning of the second week is a breakfast of boiled rabbit meat, red onion salad, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Snack will serve as a tender curd soufflé. Lunch - soup with beef meatballs, zucchini with herbs in a portion of about 150 g. After an afternoon snack from an apple, you can start dinner from 100 g of boiled beef, cucumber.
  • Tuesday starts with brown rice and cottage cheese scrambled eggs. Snack is an apple. Lunch - fish soup with poached onion, egg. In the afternoon, you are allowed to enjoy 150 g of cheesecake, green tea. Dinner - delicious baked chicken breast.
  • Wednesday breakfast - protein salad. The snack is a couple of oatmeal cookies with a glass of milk. Lunch - stew with meat. Snack is an apple. In the evening, you can eat cottage cheese, washed down with black tea.
  • Breakfast on the eleventh day of the diet is stewed mushrooms, yogurt, an apple. A snack will fill you up with two oatmeal cookies with tea. Lunch - veal and stewed cabbage. An afternoon snack consists of an orange, dinner consists of steamed fish cutlets.
  • On Friday, it is allowed to have breakfast with a couple of eggs with whole grain bread, tea. Then comes the apple. After - a dinner of stewed turkey, buckwheat porridge, tomato. In the afternoon, you should enjoy a glass of milk, and for dinner - 100 g of lean lamb with vegetable broth.
  • Saturday breakfast - brown rice, protein salad, coffee with milk. It is recommended to have a snack with a glass of apple juice. Lunch consists of a portion of chicken soup, vegetable salad. An afternoon snack will be decorated with a couple of cheesecakes, apple puree. Dinner - scrambled eggs with boiled cauliflower.
  • The last day of the diet has finally arrived! It starts with 2 eggs, toast, coffee with milk or black tea. Snack - cottage cheese soufflé. Lunch - steamed turkey, vegetable stew. Snack - yogurt. The two-week weight loss marathon ends with a dinner of steamed chicken cutlets.

to recommend a protein diet . The result from its application promises to be good. With, of course, a reasonable balanced approach to losing weight.

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