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Hair care at home is an important condition, without which it will not work to get a stunning head of hair. Heredity and salon procedures are only a small part of what affects hair. Let's try to figure out how to competently and effectively care for your curls.

Hair care at home: how to wash your hair properly

It would seem, what could be easier and more familiar than washing your hair? We perform this procedure almost automatically. Meanwhile, the right approach to this procedure guarantees success!

So, here are some recommendations:

  • Everyone says that the head should be washed regularly. However, regularity does not mean daily. The optimal frequency is once every 2-3 days.

  • It is worth stocking up in the pharmacy with essential oils - they will significantly enrich the shampoo and balm. Even a budget tool will sparkle with new colors after a couple of drops of oil. Jojoba oil, jasmine, rose oil have an excellent effect on hair.

  • Balm and conditioner should be applied, retreating from about the middle of the length of the hair. If the hair is long, it will not be difficult. If short, you can slightly flavor the tips. The roots are not processed with either conditioner or balm, otherwise the problem of a greasy head can be encountered much faster than thought. Just imagine: the area at the roots is already contaminated the fastest, and then it was additionally smeared with something!

  • Ideally, the water should be at a slightly warm temperature . Cold oily hair will not be washed out, and this procedure will simply cease to be pleasant. Hot water, according to experts, destroys the structure of the hair and even contributes to its loss. But at the end of the procedure, you can rinse with slightly cool water - this will smooth the scales.

  • If the shine of the hair is a dream, you can give the following advice: add table vinegar or lemon juice to the water. The calculation is as follows: a tablespoon of this useful supplement should fall on a liter of water. It is necessary to rinse the hair with a similar solution immediately after washing off shampoos from them.

  • Hard water is something that is sometimes difficult to get rid of in modern cities. But even in this case, you can go for the trick by diluting 1 tsp of baking soda in water or the same amount of ammonia. As a result, the water becomes noticeably softer and degreases the hair better. If you carry out such a procedure regularly, the skin will stop being irritated, and the hairs themselves will break and split .

Shampoo: selection rules

As many reviews testify, it is better to choose a shampoo either professional or for children. The first quality significantly exceeds the mass market. And the second one is more gentle, so it’s also good to use it from time to time.

But in any case, it is necessary to start, first of all, from your individual needs:

  • Hair care at home is necessary even if there are no obvious problems. That is, if washing is carried out every few days, and the ends only occasionally split and become electrified. The volume of such hair, as a rule, always has, albeit small. In this case, you need a shampoo specifically for normal hair, which will gently cleanse them, nourish them with vitamins and various extracts. Preferably, the pH is in the range of 5.5-7.

  • Fat-type housewives complain that they do not have volume, and therefore they have to wash their hair daily. Laying is obtained, but does not last long. They can be recommended to buy shampoo with clay, vitamins A, C in the composition. And also with extracts of sage, birch leaves, chamomile, nettle, coltsfoot, currant, willow bark.

  • Dry thin hair often splits, does not shine, electrifies quite often and is very difficult to style. True, there is an advantage - such people acquaint their curls with shampoo infrequently. They definitely need a moisturizing product. It is very good when the composition contains shea butter, almond, avocado, various plant extracts, glycerin, panthenol, lanolin.

  • The mixed type is oily roots and dry tips. The owners of such hair suffer from the general disadvantages of the listed types. Their optimal remedy is not aggressive in cleansing. It copes with sebum, but at the same time nourishes the hair.

  • Dyed, damaged hair - they need special care. Deciding to bleach the strands, dye them, the hostess of the hair puts them under some stress. In the same way, hot styling without protective equipment, an unbalanced diet, etc. cause harm. Therefore, it is preferable to select special shampoos for colored and damaged hair - every professional product has such lines. Shampoos like these should definitely be sulfate-free and low in pH.

  • Not everyone knows, but highlighted hair needs separate care. After all, if the product intensively nourishes all curls, owners of oily hair types may not get the most rosy result. But if the shampoo actively affects only the clarified area, the hair remains bright and moderately nourished at the same time. Preferred are products with a yellowness-neutralizing purple pigment, saturated with useful elements of mineral water, which strengthens keratin.

  • If the hair is curly, you also need to pick up special care for it. Unlike straight hair, hair that is destined to curl is more porous, brittle, and prone to dryness. That is, shampoo for curls should be soft. Preferably, it includes oils. Silicones are also useful, despite the controversy surrounding this issue, as they create a film that keeps moisture in place.

  • Hair extensions - it needs a product with a gentle pH indicator. It is believed that an indicator equal to 7 affects the curls themselves and adhesives without harm. Means for dry or oily hair are not suitable - they are often overloaded with excess substances for extended curls. But the shampoo for the normal type is what you need! It is also worth paying attention to the consistency - liquid is easier to wash out from the roots and definitely does not harm the capsules.

Balm and conditioner: what to choose from a professional line

Balm is often confused with conditioner, but these products have a different focus:

  • The conditioner helps protect the hair from temperature fluctuations - this is especially true if the hostess of the curls often uses stylers, a hot air dryer. The scales of the hair are closed, because the hair becomes more obedient. But for damaged and dry hair, conditioners are undesirable - they have few nutrients.

  • Balm is more of a skin care product. Just it includes vitamins and other useful nutrients that penetrate deeply. It is especially relevant when it is winter outside. Balms are suitable for any type of curls - you just need to look at the classification according to this type. Often, balms are produced in the same line as shampoos - if you use these products together, their effect is mutually enhanced.

  • Balm-conditioner - for the most part, it's still a balm. From the air conditioner there is, perhaps, an antistatic effect. It is often not recommended to use it. But it is noticed that when unraveling the hair, it helps a lot.

  • Balm rinse - gives shine thanks to acetic acid in the composition. It perfectly restores the pH balance and removes shampoo residue. For colored hair, judging by the numerous reviews, this product is just a godsend! They look more alive thanks to a similar product.

  • Balm, aimed at helping to get rid of any problem, every girl needs from time to time. If a person suffers from dandruff, for example, he simply needs a balm to help in this case. Similarly, in the summer it is necessary to select a means for protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Homemade recipes for conditioners and balms

Often, girls want to create a lotion or balm themselves. Well, in this case, it is quite possible to choose any recipe to your liking:

  • For colored hair, mix 50 ml of ethyl alcohol and 35 drops of tea tree oil in distilled water. Mix the ingredients of this homemade lotion thoroughly. Then it must be applied to the hair, especially carefully rubbing into the root area. If the hair is often dyed, such a lotion will definitely please them!

  • For the next home air conditioner, you will need to take 2 tbsp. l. coconut oil. However, jojoba and almond oils serve as an excellent analogue. 15 drops of bay oil are dripped into it. You will need to add lavender, rosemary oils - 6 drops of each. All this is well shaken. Then you need to place the container with the air conditioner in some container with hot water for literally 2-3 minutes . The air conditioner heats up, but not much. Then the product is applied to the hair for half an hour.

  • Herbal balm is a universal remedy loved by many. To prepare it, you need to mix any collection of herbs, which is easy to find in a pharmacy, with oil. Oil is suitable for both olive and vegetable. But, of course, it must be of high quality. The calculation is as follows: for a tablespoon of herbs, there is half a glass of oil. The remedy is infused for a very long time - 2 weeks. Any dark glassware is suitable as a container. But, despite the duration of production, the result is excellent! It is only necessary to let the product soak into the hair and skin for 40-60 minutes.

  • Dandelion balm is believed by many to improve hair structure and strengthen it. It also helps to fight baldness thanks to vitamin C. And the problem of sore roots of the hair after removing hats, which is so familiar to many, can also be solved thanks to the balm. There is no special strictness of proportions here.

Hair nutrition: let's talk about masks

A hair mask helps to properly nourish the curls and even treat them! In the assortment of stores you can find a lot of masks for all occasions.

However, many beauties prefer folk recipes for masks, and here are some that are especially popular:

  • Kefir is an affordable and effective option. Dry hair literally transforms from it, as the main ingredient wonderfully nourishes and softens. The recipe is simple - slightly warmed kefir is applied to the hair for 40 minutes.

  • Honey is a storehouse of vitamins. It is noted that it is excellent for hair loss and dandruff. The remedy is prepared as follows: 2 tbsp. sweets are mixed with the same amount of castor oil and yolk. All this is mixed thoroughly and applied to curls for 30 or even 60 minutes. It is recommended to arrange a whole course of such a mask for 2 or 3 months.

  • Mayonnaise - works great in cold weather. That is, it nourishes the hair to the maximum. The recipe is simple - mayonnaise is applied to the entire length of the hair for 10-15 minutes. But there are important nuances: mayonnaise must certainly be natural, and the procedure itself should be carried out no more than once a week. More frequent application of the mask will lead to the fact that the curls will quickly become greasy.

  • Egg - also simple and nutritious. You need to beat 2 yolks in a glass of water. Then the mixture is filtered and applied for an hour. Rinse off the mask with warm water with the addition of shampoo.

  • With burdock oil - it is quite possible to replace it with nettle oil. Both options can be easily found in pharmacies for a small price. A small amount of the mask is rubbed into the roots and the entire length of the hair, and then left for an hour or even an hour and a half. Do not be surprised if you have to wash off such a mask twice - this is quite normal, given the fat content of the product.

Combing and drying hair: what you need to know

Such simple manipulations also have their secrets:

  • It is preferable to dry the curls naturally. This is the safest way for them. However, of course, it is not always possible to afford it. In this case, you should choose a cold air mode on the hair dryer - it will help to dry the hair most gently.

  • Thermal curlers, curling irons are not the best helpers in the fight for healthy hair. If during the drying process you want to get a curl in parallel, it is better to use papillots. Their material is soft and elastic enough to provide a useful and comfortable curl.

  • If a curling iron or curling iron is unavoidable, it is necessary to protect the hair before using them. That is, treat them with a spray with a thermal protection function.

  • The selection of a comb is quite an important point. Metal is not the best helper. It injures the skin and hair, and electrifies not weakly. But wooden or plastic combs are much better options.

  • A fairly common mistake of many young ladies is combing from root to tip. In fact, you need to do everything exactly the opposite: start combing the curls from the tips, and then move smoothly to the roots.

  • The next mistake is the stubborn passage of a comb through tangled strands in the hope of returning them to a presentable look. The hair may be untangled, but it will also be cut at the same time. It is recommended to first unravel the strands with your fingers, and only then take up the comb.

  • Combing wet hair is also not the best solution. The fact is that wet hair, clinging to a comb, is greatly stretched. This leads to a violation of its structure, cross section. That is, drying must first occur, and only then combing.

Hair has long been considered one of the symbols of femininity. Even though many things have changed over the centuries, this moment has remained unchanged. Beautiful shiny healthy hair is the dream of all girls without exception, regardless of the length of the haircut. We hope that these tips will help our readers achieve amazing results!

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