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Every woman dreams of a perfect body. However, many people experience frantic stress on the body during the week in the form of irrational and malnutrition, as a result of which they only gain extra pounds. To free the body from them, drying is most often used.

A method whose menu will allow you to quickly and super easily lose not only hated kilograms , but also get rid of a hanging belly, massive hips and a second chin. Drying diet for women is a special menu that will allow you to lose weight within a few weeks, and the first results of the diet will be visible on the seventh day.

Important! Drying as a type of diet is only a temporary measure in order to acquire a natural body relief. For women, it is not recommended to carry out such frantic loads on the body more often than twice a year, as this can adversely affect the hormonal background and women's health in general. In addition, if you believe the reviews, the results obtained on drying persist for a long time, since only body fat is lost.

Menu Features

Drying as a type of diet has a number of features. The first one is the weekly menu. This helps to better adapt to a new protein diet, which for many women is quite a test. The amount of proteins and carbohydrates varies depending on the day of the diet. On the one hand, this is convenient due to certainty, on the other hand, it requires a careful approach to calculations.

The second feature of drying is the need to consume an increased amount of water. Such a schedule will make you accelerate your metabolism, including the kidney one, to breakneck speeds, but it will require endurance and patience. If you do not follow the recommendations for the drying diet, then there is a high probability not only not to see the result of losing weight, but also to significantly worsen your health.

The third mandatory characteristic of any drying is the need for daily training. The diet is designed to get a relief body, but without frantic physical exertion, this will not work.

A nice feature of the drying diet is that within just a few weeks a woman gets a noticeable result. The stomach not only goes away, but also becomes embossed and flat, the hips acquire a pleasant elasticity and roundness. However, in order to see such a result of losing weight, you will need to strictly follow all the recommendations for proper drying throughout the entire time.

Important! In order for the drying to be as comfortable as possible for the body, the stomach to lose weight and the extra pounds of adipose tissue to go away, a woman must prepare in advance for the protein menu. And for this, it is required to introduce foods with a high content of the component into the diet long before the start of the diet.

Main drying steps

The diet is usually calculated for five weeks. In each during the day, the consumption of certain foods is prohibited. The menu can be calculated independently. However, if you make an effort, a woman will get a crazy result in the form of a beautiful body in the shortest possible time.

The idea of ​​drying for women is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed on the menu to almost zero. To compensate for the missing components, the body will need more energy, which the body will receive from protein foods. Thanks to this approach, adipose tissue will go away quickly, the result of losing weight will be noticeable, and the muscles will become more prominent.

Stage one

Gradual elimination of carbohydrates from the menu, entry into the diet. At this stage, weight loss begins slowly, the stomach leaves, but due to a reduction in volume. A woman expects that daily intake should not exceed two grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of weight. At the same time, the amount of salt is halved, the water rate is brought to two liters.

Stage two

Drying intensifies. Sweet fruits, salt are excluded. Water consumption remains at the level of two liters. The amount of protein food makes up the bulk of the menu. The abdomen not only shrinks in volume, but the fat layer also begins to noticeably go away. At the stage, there may be a loss of interest in others, weakness, drowsiness. If a woman is at the stage of ovulation during this period, a breakdown may occur due to the desire to eat sweets. The amount of carbohydrates per kilogram does not exceed one gram.

Stage three

The amount of carbohydrates is halved - up to half a gram per kilogram. The most difficult stage of the diet is drying, both for women and men. To maintain a normal state, the water rate is increased. Due to the lack of carbohydrates and a large amount of liquid, headaches and dizziness can be observed, which pass quickly. At this stage, the abdomen and adipose tissue of the entire body are reduced at a breakneck pace. According to reviews, it is this drying stage that is most effective.

Stage four

Mirror to the second, as it is characterized by a slow exit from drying. Women may feel energized as the amount of carbohydrates increases.

Important! If a woman plans drying, the coincidence of this stage with the saturation period - ovulation will be as comfortable as possible.

Stage five

Completion of the diet and access to a balanced menu. As a result, the abdomen and adipose tissue are reduced, muscle mass remains unchanged or slightly reduced.

According to reviews, the drying menu - protein food - is quite simple to fill, but difficult to follow. Because the body can be too demanding for carbohydrate replenishment, women often fail the five-week challenge and relapse. But if the path is completed to the end, the result will amaze.

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