Diet minus 10 kg per week

Diet minus 10 kg per week

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A diet minus 10 kg suggests that in a short time, usually 7 to 14 days, it will be possible to get rid of a maximum of 10 kg. Such express diets are especially popular among people who want to get rid of hated kilograms as soon as possible. But it is worth noting that strict dietary restrictions can adversely affect the overall health of losing weight. Therefore, in order not to cause complications, before you go on any diet, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist.

Diet minus 10 kg: what is its feature

To date, many methods have been developed that allow you to get rid of 10 or more kilograms in a short time. Each of the diets differ in duration, set of products, effects on the body, etc. Therefore, before choosing one or another option, you should carefully study all the rules, nuances, contraindications, and only then proceed to action.

Nutritionists say that the rapid loss of such a number of kilograms can adversely affect health. Therefore, it is better to choose a diet aimed at slow, systematic weight loss, which will not cause stress to the body. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the set of products, because even while on a diet it is important to enjoy and enjoy food, and not to stuff a piece, suppressing the gag reflex.

Risks of rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss negatively affects human health, and this point should be taken into account before taking drastic measures. The main risks of rapid weight loss are:

  • Nutrient deficiency. Strict diets, designed to quickly lose weight, exclude entire food groups, which means that the body of a losing weight does not receive important nutrients, vitamins, and elements necessary to maintain normal life.
  • Deceleration of metabolism. Rapid weight loss is the result of a reduction in the calorie content of foods consumed. For the body, this is the strongest stress, which helps to slow down the metabolism, because there are not enough calories, but you need to save energy. When a person returns to the usual mode, the lost kilograms return with a vengeance, taking with him a couple of friends.
  • Dehydration. On express diets, extra pounds go away not due to fat cells, but due to fluid loss. However, the rapid loss of moisture leads to dehydration, which negatively affects the general condition of the body.
  • Loss of muscle mass. A calorie deficit in the daily diet contributes to the fact that at some point the body switches to another mode and instead of fat, it begins to burn muscle tissue. Therefore, after rapid weight loss, the body looks wrinkled, flabby, loose.
  • Psychological problems. Rapid weight loss sometimes causes mental health problems. A person, inspired by the result, tries to bring his body to perfection. As a result, such dangerous mental illnesses as anorexia and bulimia develop.

diet for 2 weeks minus 10 kg

Types of diets that allow you to lose 10 kg in a short time

Popular types of diet minus 10 kg:

  • strict;
  • cleansing;
  • sparing.

The most effective is strict. If you follow the rules of such a system, within 7-10 days you can get rid of 10 kg. However, this diet is not suitable for everyone, because it has limitations.

super hard diet

Its essence lies in the fact that over a certain period, low-calorie meals are consumed. Usually the menu of such diets consists of 2 - 3 products. Rules for preparing dietary dishes:

  • Products can be boiled in water, steamed, baked in the oven or on the grill.
  • It is forbidden to add vegetable and butter, salt, sugar and other additives to ready meals.
  • As seasonings, you can use fresh herbs, lemon juice, apple or wine vinegar.

In order not to feel hungry, you should eat often, but little by little. In addition, it is important to monitor the drinking regimen. The last dinner should take place 4 hours before bedtime. If you are very hungry, before going to bed you can drink 1 tbsp. low-fat kefir.


The main rule of the cleansing diet is the rejection of animal products. This means that the diet will be 100% plant-based. During the diet, it is allowed to eat cereals, sour-milk products. Dishes need to be prepared in gentle ways - boil, stew, bake, steam. The last meal is 4 hours before bedtime.

Idea! Watermelon has an excellent cleansing effect. Therefore, the berry is often present in such diets. To cleanse the body and get rid of extra pounds, it is recommended to arrange watermelon fasting days. During the day, it is allowed to eat 1 - 1.5 kg of fruit. The rest of the food is prohibited.

sparing diet

On a sparing diet, it will be possible to get rid of 10 kg within a month. The menu here is not so strict, so even the lazy will not find it difficult to follow the rules. Weight on such a diet will decrease gradually, while the body will not suffer from a lack of vitamins and useful elements.

The list of products on a sparing diet is unlimited. However, it is still important to control the daily caloric content of the diet and to refuse dishes that contribute to weight gain. On a sparing diet, you can include the following foods in your daily diet:

  • fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs;
  • lean meat, sea fish, seafood;
  • dairy products, cottage cheese, low-fat milk;
  • potatoes baked or boiled in their skins:
  • cereals: buckwheat , rice, oatmeal;
  • black bread;
  • fresh juices;
  • boiled eggs.

As you can see, the list of allowed products is large. You can treat yourself to delicious, healthy meals every day and still lose weight.

Helpful Tips

During weight loss, it is important to connect physical activity. This will help keep the muscles in good shape and achieve a beautiful relief. While on a diet, you should give up alcohol, because it slows down weight loss and negatively affects the functioning of internal organs. Also, do not forget about a full sleep, because a healthy rest has a positive effect on metabolism.

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