Diet on apples

Diet on apples

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The apple diet is a way to lose weight that many girls resort to. It is so popular that, according to more than one review, it can stand on a par, for example, with a keto diet . Let's try to consider this power scheme from all sides.

Diet on apples: advantages

Such a power scheme has a lot of advantages, thanks to which it has earned recognition:

  • An apple is a real storehouse of trace elements, vitamins and other usefulness. Potassium, iron, magnesium, pectins, calcium, copper - and this is not a complete list! That is, a person, even if he sits on a diet for some time, will still be able to saturate the body with various useful substances.

  • sweet dessert during such a diet, according to many diet fans. The thing is that this fruit contains fructose, glucose. That is, it helps to successfully overcome cravings for harmful cakes, from which the figure suffers so much!

  • An apple is completely non-caloric. One such fruit contains about 87 calories.

  • The diet can be called short-term. Yes, it doesn't last three days. Its duration is a week. However, during these 7 days you can lose from 2 to 5 kg . Pretty good result!

  • In addition to the fact that extra pounds go away, slags are also removed.

  • It is noticed that such a diet helps to improve metabolism.

  • The intestines, as a rule, after a diet begin to work better. This happens thanks to pectin, which tends to envelop the stomach, allowing the latter to function better.

  • What is important, such a diet is quite affordable. Apples, like its other components, are available in stores all year round. And they are completely inexpensive. Therefore, you can try to adapt to a similar power scheme at any time.

  • Obesity, gout, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension - these unpleasant phenomena really require the inclusion of an apple in the diet! In addition, such a product, according to experts, is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. Therefore, we can safely say that the diet is also therapeutic.

Diet Disadvantages

There are also disadvantages to this way of eating:

  • Maintaining an apple diet is not easy. Despite the fact that you will want less sweets, this fruit awakens your appetite. Surviving on a mono-diet of apples is incredibly problematic. Therefore, nutritionists recommend including other foods that contain a minimum of calories in the diet.

  • Some ailments are not conducive to following such a diet. For example, acute or chronic diseases of the stomach, intestines. Yes, if they are healthy, apples will benefit. However, in case of ailments, the situation can only worsen - for example, an ulcer, gastritis will become aggravated. And if there is an excess of fiber, which is inevitable with such a diet, flatulence will occur.

  • In some periods, it is worth abstaining from diets of any kind. For example, if a woman is pregnant, breastfeeding. At this time, it is better to eat fully, despite the changes in the figure.

  • Some weakness is not ruled out . Especially if in parallel with the diet a person adheres to physical activity. Loss of strength in this case is not uncommon.

Diet on apples: advantages

Diet plan: what menu should be followed

It's time to talk about the diet itself! We offer all inspired menu for the week:

  • The first day should start with 2 apples and green tea. Of course, unsweetened. For lunch, a baked fruit is useful, for which you need an oven, and low-fat fish baked on the grill in the amount of 100 g. You can eat grated apples for an afternoon snack. At night, one fresh fruit and low-fat kefir will come in handy - a glass is enough.

  • Tuesday also starts with 2 fruits and green tea. an egg to them . For lunch, you can eat 2 grated apples and about 100 g of boiled beef. As for drinks, mineral water is fine. For an afternoon snack, nutritionists recommend baking apples - you need 2 things. For dinner, you need to prepare an apple and low-fat cottage cheese in the amount of 100 g.

  • Breakfast on Wednesday is an apple, a tomato, some rye bread, green tea. Lunch - as many as 3 apples, boiled chicken, mineral water. Snack - baked apples in the amount of 2 pieces. Dinner - 2 fresh fruits and a glass of kefir with a low percentage of fat.

  • On Thursday, you can have breakfast with a couple of fresh apples, carrots, green tea. For lunch, a similar amount of grated apples is eaten, about 100 g of boiled veal, and the meal is washed down with mineral water. For an afternoon snack, 2 apples should be baked. And for dinner - eat fresh 2 fruits and drink a glass of carrot juice. Juice must be of high quality.

  • Friday breakfast is 2 apples, an egg , green tea. Lunch - 3 apples, about 100 g of boiled chicken, a small cracker and mineral water. In the afternoon, you can treat yourself to 2 baked apples. For dinner - a fresh apple and kefir.

  • The penultimate day of the diet should begin with 2 fresh fruits, green tea. Let lunch consist of 2 grated apples, 100 g of boiled beef, mineral water. In the afternoon, you should treat yourself to 2 baked apples and carrot juice. An apple and 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese complete the day.

  • The last day of the diet has come, and it began with 2 apples, carrots and green tea. For lunch, you can eat the same amount of grated apples, 100 g of fish and drink this splendor with mineral water. It is best to choose sea fish. For an afternoon snack, 2 apples are baked. The diet is completed by a dinner of 2 apples and kefir.

Basic dietary advice

In order for the diet to bring maximum benefit, we recommend that you listen to the following recommendations:

  • An apple diet will be more interesting if you experiment with different varieties. Let a green sourish apple flaunt on the menu one day, a sweet yellow apple the next, a semi-sweet red apple the third, and so on. The more varied this not too varied diet, the more interesting it is to stick to!

  • It is better to choose medium fruits weighing about 150 g. Or larger ones. Small apples are unlikely to saturate.

  • The skin should not be cut. It contains many useful substances that the body needs during a diet. If you peel the fruit, there will be little sense from the diet.

  • The diet should be treated without fanaticism. If a person easily endured 7 days, it’s definitely not worth it to endure 9 or more! A long break is necessary even when you want to enhance the effect.

  • It is important to get out of the diet gradually . Fatty, spicy, floury foods and sweets, absorbed in large quantities after a week of abstinence, will nullify all efforts. It is better to start with something healthy - buckwheat, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits, low-fat varieties of fish and meat will do just fine.

Every diet has its pros and cons. Whether it is worth allocating time and effort to follow it, let each reader decide for himself. The main thing is that he now knows about all aspects of such nutrition.

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