Japanese diet for 14 days

Japanese diet for 14 days

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The Japanese diet for 14 days is a phenomenon that is consistently interested in those who dream of putting insidious kilograms somewhere. According to numerous reviews, everyone who wants to try this legendary weight loss on themselves can hope to get rid of 5-8 kg! Would you like to get the same result? Then the Japanese way is just for you!

Basic recommendations and secrets

For any diet you need to prepare mentally. Including, pre-read the recommendations:

  • You can’t repeat this low-calorie protein diet often. Still, the body will not perceive an excess of protein with a bang. In addition, a fully balanced diet according to this scheme cannot be called. But a couple of times a year to practice such a diet, if you like it, is quite acceptable. Although with a smooth exit from it and maintaining the result, the repetition may not be necessary at all .

  • This diet is not for everyone. Pregnant and lactating women, people suffering from gastritis and ulcers should think about another way to get rid of excess weight. Just like those suffering from ailments of the kidneys and liver, cardiological disorders. The best option, of course, is to get the approval of a doctor before embarking on a diet.

  • Drinking regime is extremely important to observe! There should be plenty of water, it should be good, purified, at room temperature. Do not drink carbonated water! Moreover, the usual one will help you get full faster, and it is better to remove the processed products left after consuming protein foods.

  • The Japanese diet must be strictly followed. Changing rations in places, making all sorts of adjustments is unacceptable. It is also impossible to select analogues of the products indicated in the diet. Each improvisation significantly reduces the effect.

  • The only issue with salt can be adjusted at your discretion. It is preferable to refuse it altogether. However, if it is difficult to imagine life without salt, salting is acceptable, but minimal.

  • Sugar and spices, unfortunately, are excluded.

  • Snacks are prohibited. And the desire to arrange them may well arise, because the number of meals has only 3 stages.

  • Drink a glass of water before breakfast in the morning. It is very beneficial for metabolism.

  • There should be several hours between dinner and bedtime. Eating before bed is a bad idea!

  • Slowly change your diet is even before the start of the diet. At least for a few days. That is, you need to gradually reduce the volume of portions and remove snacks, give up fast food, sweets.

  • The exit should also be smooth. It’s definitely not worth it to immediately pounce on sweet, fatty, fried foods.

List for a diet: we make it right

Having set out to go on such a diet, some people rely on the predominance of some exotic foods, rice and even sushi in the diet. But it's not like that at all.

Is this the original Japanese diet? Not really. Perhaps, fish, eggs, green tea will remind you of it. Any recipe inherent in the country of the Rising Sun cannot be found here. And this, by the way, is for the best, since foods that are unusual for our stomach can easily cause allergies. And for the budget, they are unlikely to be pleasant. But for this diet, each product can really be found in a completely ordinary store in any part of our country. A table consisting of the name of the products and their prices will help to verify this.

And although the menu in this case is not the original of the diet familiar to the Japanese, there is a certain similarity with the diet of this amazing people. This is simplicity, small portions and a minimum of carbohydrates .

japanese diet 14 days menu

If readers are interested, we suggest making a shopping list together:

  • Coffee - can be grain, or ground. The main thing is its quality. Instant drinks, of course, will not work. It is worth stocking up on a pack of raw materials.

  • Green tea - the variety does not matter. Therefore, to make the diet easier to tolerate, you can choose your favorite variety. The main thing is, again, that the raw materials are of high quality. That is, it was without flavors and various additives. Such a drink can invigorate, like coffee, and saturate with antioxidants. It is also enough to buy a pack.

  • Rye bread.

  • Approximately 20 chicken eggs - of course, they must be fresh. Therefore, it is better to purchase them not immediately for half a month, but gradually.

  • Fish fillet - about 2 kg. The fillet must certainly belong to sea fish.

  • Lean beef - about 1 kg. Need pulp.

  • Chicken fillet - the same amount.

  • Olive oil - about 500 ml. You will need to pay attention to the spin - it should be the first cold.

  • White cabbage - about 2 pcs. medium size.

  • Carrots - about 2-3 kg.

  • Eggplant and zucchini - a kilogram of all these vegetables together.

  • Fruit - about a kilogram. All are acceptable, except, perhaps, grapes and bananas.

  • Tomato juice - liter. Of course, we mean a quality drink.

  • Fresh kefir - also a liter.

  • A little bit of cheese.

  • Lemons - a couple of pieces.

Japanese diet for 14 days: menu for every day

First day:

  • Breakfast includes one serving of coffee. It is impossible to add not only sugar, but also cream to it. This is where breakfast ends.

  • For lunch, you need to eat a salad - boiled cabbage seasoned with olive oil. You can drink it with juice. Proteins will saturate the egg in the amount of 2 pcs. in boiled form.

  • For dinner, fish with a volume of 200 g is supposed to be boiled, or even fried - this does not play a special role.

Second day:

  • It also starts with coffee, but you can already take a very small piece of rye bread as a bite.

  • For lunch, 200 g of fish is boiled or fried. It is supplemented with boiled and seasoned with oil cabbage.

  • In the evening, you need to eat about 100 g of boiled beef. The meal is washed down with a glass of kefir.

The third day:

  • Rye bread is needed again. To make it tastier, you can dry it a little with a toaster. As an alternative, a fresh biscuit is suitable. Breakfast is washed down with a cup of coffee.

  • For lunch, you should fry eggplant and zucchini. The amount, to the great joy of dieters, is not limited to grams.

  • In the evening, 200 g of beef meat, 2 eggs and raw cabbage in oil are eaten.

japanese diet 14 days results

Fourth day:

  • Breakfast changes somewhat - it consists of raw carrots and lemon juice.

  • You can eat fish in any form. Portion - 200 g. It is washed down with a glass of tomato juice.

  • For dinner, you can eat fruit. Moreover, whatever you like - the main thing is that their portion size is 200 g.

Fifth day:

  • The morning starts the same way as the previous day - with carrots and lemon juice.

  • For lunch, 200 g of fish is also eaten. But this time it is desirable to boil it, not fry it.

  • For dinner, you need to eat 200 g of fruit.

Sixth day:

  • The dieter greets this morning with a cup of coffee.

  • During the day, you should eat about 500 g of boiled chicken, as well as a salad of carrots and cabbage seasoned with oil. Vegetables must be fresh.

  • Evening is a medium-sized carrot and 2 eggs.

Seventh day:

  • Breakfast is limited to a glass of tea. Green, as everyone remembers.

  • During the day, he should eat 200 g of boiled beef meat.

  • Dinner can be chosen this time at your discretion. For example, it can be fruits with a volume of 200 g. Or the same amount of fish in any form of processing. Either beef, 2 eggs, carrots in oil.

Eighth day:

  • Morning starts with coffee.

  • At lunchtime, you can treat yourself to a pound of boiled chicken, a salad of cabbage and carrots. They need to be seasoned with oil.

  • Dinner is buttered carrots and 2 eggs.

Ninth day:

  • Breakfast is lemon juice and carrots.

  • Lunch - fish with a volume of 200 g in any form and tomato juice. As usual, a glass.

  • Dinner - any fruit with a volume of 200 g.

Tenth day:

  • Coffee for breakfast.

  • Lunch already brings some variety. This is about 50 g of unsalted cheese, 3 carrots flavored with butter and a boiled egg.

  • You can end the day with 200 g of fruit.

Eleventh day:

  • Breakfast is some rye bread with coffee.

  • Lunch - eggplant or zucchini, fried in oil. The number doesn't matter.

  • Dinner is 200 g of boiled beef meat, cabbage and 2 eggs.

Twelfth day:

  • Coffee with rye bread in the morning.

  • During the day, you can satisfy your hunger with 200 g of fish with cabbage flavored with butter.

  • In the evening, you can eat 100 g of beef and drink it with kefir. A glass of kefir is enough.

Thirteenth day:

  • Drink a glass of coffee in the morning.

  • For lunch, you can eat boiled cabbage in oil and 2 boiled eggs. Drink everything down with a glass of juice. I mean tomato juice.

  • For dinner, it is enough to eat 200 g of fish in oil.

Fourteenth day:

  • And this morning will also be greeted with coffee.

  • For lunch, you should eat 200 g of fish. As well as fresh cabbage flavored with butter.

  • The last meal in this diet looks like kefir and 200 g of beef.

It is believed that such a diet is one of the most effective - its result can last for years! But, of course, if all this time the right approach to nutrition and to the organization of physical activity will prevail.

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