How to lose weight as quickly as possible

Each of us wants to lose weight. Some people need this for a beautiful and slender figure, while others, for example, for health or to reduce their body mass index and thus not be drafted into the army.

In order to quickly reduce your weight, you need to actively move and eat little. Of course, if you need to lose weight for a short time (show up at the military enlistment office or put on your favorite evening dress), you need to give up food, i.e. fast for a couple of days.

You can also go to the sauna and remove excess moisture from the body - this will drop a couple of kilograms of fluid, but it is better to take a sauna until the day when you need to weigh less. This is necessary because you will feel bad and of course you will be thirsty.

By the way, the sauna can be replaced and well wrapped in a few blankets and thereby sweating, you will also lose weight.

But if you are not going to the army, you can try the following diets:
- Buckwheat diet;
- Kefir diet;
- Japanese weekly diet;
- Unloading diet by the Queen;
- Jusing.

It removes water from the body well - boiled rice, but without salt and seasonings. Do not eat anything fried or sweet.

Remember that sudden weight loss is bad for your health. By the way, after stopping the diet, some people gain weight even more than they had before the diet. Most likely this is due to the structure of the body, as it stores fats for emergencies.

Know that it is possible to lose weight quickly, but you should not lose weight drastically. This can lead to poor health.

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